If you run a Logistics Company

Let us take care of your accounting!

With our Innovative Backoffice accounting services for Logistics companies, we’ll save you thousands in your accounting department expenses.



Confidentially managed information, protected by non-small-letter contracts, the best IT practices and a team of professionals to meet your requirements.


Several years in the logistics industry, combined with a wide knowledge of the most popular logistics software will make your processes improve while your business grows.



The best team to keep your financial data always up to date, custom reports and appropriate liquidation of your operations.

Who are we? 

Innobo is a group of professionals

We are experts not only in the use of the most popular logistics software.

Our wide experience in logistics also allow us to understand the needs of your business, we understand all the processes and flows of the logistics chain.

We are the best option for accounting and financial information management and the improvement of processes through the software.

We’re the accounting outsourcing your company needs.

What we do?

Our Story

Innobo is the result of decades of experience in the Accounting and Tax preparation services, years in the logistics industry, and lastly plenty of successful implementations of the logistics software across the Americas.

Innobo seeks to make the logistics entrepreneurs’ lives easier by taking care of the accounting side of your business, while you take care of your operations which are the core of your business.

By providing timely reports, adjusting the software to your workflow and needs, and making sure every single operation has a proper liquidation.

We at Innobo take pride in being your best option to provide accurate information on both the financial and operative sides, so you can make better decisions while you save money on your accounting department expenses.


From our favorite logistics software functionalities to the latest tax reforms

INNOBO provides constant information related to the logistics industry, as well as technology, accounting, finances, and international businesses. Visit our Blog and subscribe to keep up with the news.

Storage Invoicing: are you billing correctly?

Storage Invoicing: are you billing correctly?

In this articule we will explain how to automate this process
Invoicing storage is one of the most common headaches logistics companies face.
Its complexity, custom needs, variables involved, and customer’s requests increase the time needed to run this task and inability to automate.

Third-party Incomes and Expenses

Third-party Incomes and Expenses

In the logistics industry is very common to pay and receive money on behalf of third parties.Third-party income and costs must be appropriately recorded, otherwise, we may incur unnecessary tax payments from excess income registration, or express unrealistic losses in...

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