Hire offshore; Grow your business, while keeping costs in check

Outsourced staffing for logistics and transportation

Our value:

We are an outsourced staffing service for logistics, hiring staff that delivers so that you can scale and grow, while lowering your operational costs.

(Competitive differentiation)

Who we serve:


New logistics company and you’re struggling with doing the accounting (taking time away from growing the business)


Choosing a third-party company to handle accounting is important


Tired of working in the business instead of on the business

(Positions filled)

Make Your Business Dreams Happen:

Make Your Business Dreams Happen:


Streamline workflow


Keep your inventory and supply chain moving


Provide people who deliver


Gain quality employees for a reduced cost


Boost productivity


Experience industry knowledge and experience to find the right talent to meet your needs.


Free your time to scale and grow


Solve your scaling challenges

“In today’s landscape, distance doesn’t matter. Virtual staffing support youcan count on is our new normal.”

Candidate Assessment & Onboarding

What is the engagement model/process to include?



Full time

Real Life Experience Testimonial

For outsourced staffing, I started with Innobo and am hiring their recruits to help run my
business. Innobo pays for and hires them, and they work for me and support my
business a hundred percent for operations. It’s been extremely beneficial because it’s
helped me continue to grow while still keeping costs in check.

– Lance Rule – Plus Cargo USA –

Expert Logistics Recruitment Today!
Let’s discuss your staffing needs

Our no-obligation complimentary software customization audit starts off with a 15-minute call where we learn about each other. The purpose of this call is to uncover specific challenges and to discuss ways to make your software work better for you so that it performs more efficiently. Some of the things we can cover include:

Efficient ways to Increase revenue directly

Solutions for getting reports and information faster

Solutions for leveraging automation to maximize efficiency

Maximizing your software capabilities to reduce labor

Leveraging data to create reports the system doesn’t offer

Defining critical fields and procedures you may need to implement

From here, we can collaboratively determine if there’s a good fit between the solutions we provide and the areas where you need support. (If there is, we can then schedule some time to continue the conversation.)

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