If you run a Logistics Company

Leave the accounting to us!

With our Innovative Backoffice accounting services for Logistics companies, we’ll save you thousands of dollars in your accounting department expenses.

Juan Pablo Montoya | CXP-USA Corp.

Before Innobo stepped in I used to spend about 5 hours a week, 1 hour every day just preparing and cleaning this courier manifest file. Now I just take 2 minutes a day just to review and make sure everything’s right… and it is!


We processed an average of 150 Warehouse Receipts a week through this file, but this report makes it easy because it is fast, easy to handle, organized, and efficient.


Robert Croes | Rocargo Services N.V

Innobo assisted us with reconciling 3rd party charges which we pay on behalf of our customers.


At first, we could only check and reconcile manually shipment by shipment. Now it’s automated with a simple report and saves us a lot of time. 👍🏼

Ahmed Hossain | Overseas Shipping Inc

Innobo started off billing our clients & managing our bookkeeping. Little I knew that as they understood my business more and more, they adjusted and improved everything: documents, reports, emails, and more.


Now my employees have very clear procedures for all of our service types, thanks to Innobo’s great understanding of the software and our business.


You're spending more than $20K / year

Without getting any added value.

Among bookkeepers, accountants, CPA's, accounting software, logistics software, and payroll taxes

You use several pieces of software

And find it difficult to centralize all the information

Your accounts are not clear

EVERY DAY, ALL year-round

Your profit is not clear

In ALL of your operations ALL the time

You're rushing every end of the month

To provide the CPA's with your financial documentation


If your bookkeeper gets sick

Your accounting department paralyzes

if so, Schedule a Call

And discover if we can help you reduce expenses and improve your procedures

We have developed an efficient Accounting BackOffice Platform exclusively for Logistics Companies that will allow you to cut out unnecessary expenses and focus on your core business, improve all your internal processes and keep your accounting accurate and current.

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