Who is our Consulting service for

Companies who deserve to be treated well

Customer services is a priority to you.

Those who need quick responses

We provide solutions and you won’t waste time on the phone, or wait for someone else to steep in.

Bussinessmen who need to be understood

We speak your language, understand your business and needs.

People who take planning seriously

We have tools and systems in place to plan and control all your tasks, requests and meetings.

People who care about results

We provide visibility to all of your requests, time tracking, dashboards, documentation, and more.

Companies who need experts

We’ve been using your logistics software for years, but we’ve also been involved in all types of operations for nearly two decades.

Efficiency seekers

Results matter. We guarantee a fair price and the best result.


Remote consulting

Integrated booking system, calendar availability, and zoom meetings to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

What we do

Make your software work FOR you.


Workflow Design

We adjust your team’s processes on your logistics software to meet your needs.

Smart Customization

Improve efficiency by viewing and showing your clients exactly what they need to see.

Advice and Support

Fast-response support to tackle those issues that slow you down.

Business Strategy

Rate implementation, tools optimization, add-ons advisory.


On-Site Consulting

Prices applicable to South Florida.
Contact us for deals in other regions.

Pluscargo USA, LLC | Continuous improvement

Continually improving our a/r and a/p processes and easy communication with the entire team!

Removing accounting items off my plate allowing me to spend time working ‘on my business’ vs ‘in my business’.

Lance Rule
Managing Director, Pluscargo USA, LLC

CXP-USA Corp case study

CXP-USA Corp | Courier Manifest (Excel macro)

Before Innobo stepped in I used to spend about 5 hours a week, 1 hour every day just preparing and cleaning this courier manifest file. Now I just take 2 minutes a day just to review and make sure everything’s right… and it is!

We processed an average of 150 Warehouse Receipts a week through this file, but this report makes it easy because it is fast, easy to handle, organized, and efficient.


Rocargo Services | 3rd party charges reconciliation

Innobo assisted us with reconciling 3rd party charges which we pay on behalf of our customers.

At first, we could only check and reconcile manually shipment by shipment. Now it’s automated with a simple report and saves us a lot of time. 👍🏼

ICTC shipping logo


We dedicated 10-12hrs a week generating “collect” statement of accounts relative to specific customers. Innobo was able to automate this process generating accurate reporting, which reduced resources and significantly improving our AR cycle.

Overseas Shipping Inc logo

Overseas Shipping Inc | Bookkeeping & Reports

Innobo started off billing our clients & managing our bookkeeping. Little I knew that as they understood my business more and more, they adjusted and improved everything: documents, reports, emails, and more.

Now my employees have very clear procedures for all of our service types, thanks to Innobo’s great understanding of the software and our business.

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