Before Innobo stepped in I used to spend about 5 hours a week, 1 hour every day just preparing and cleaning this courier manifest file. Now I just take 2 minutes a day just to review and make sure everything’s right… and it is!

We processed an average of 150 Warehouse Receipts a week through this file, but this report makes it easy because it is fast, easy to handle, organized, and efficient.

Juan Pablo Montoya

Project Manager, CXP-USA Corp.

Issue Solved:

The client required a consolidated file with a specific structure, with which he notifies the agent at the destination about the packages that will fly in a specific shipment.To build this file properly it took two things working properly:

1) A view in the List of Warehouse Receipts that allows extracting the necessary information to excel in a homogeneous and consistent way.

2) A macro that converts this extracted information into the final file that the client needs.

These were some of the challenges:

  • Multiple conditions depending on multiple shippers.
  • Empty addresses.
  • Reference numbers located in different fields.
  • Client validation in the database.
  • Excel output file with odd structure.

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Improvements made:

  • View creation for exporting a consistent file.
  • Validating the length of the tracking # versus the WR # and picking either one according to it.
  • Validating if the shipper had an address, else adding a fixed one.
  • Extracting consignee’s the RUT (ID number) from either the address or the entity ID field according to the scenario.
  • Extracting ONLY the Airfreight income from each WR.
  • Formating the excel macro output file as requested by the destination agent.
  • Enumeration each row.
  • Adding input fields for HAWB, MAWB, and flight numbers.
  • Designing a menu in the excel file for several functions.

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