Overseas Shipping is an NVOCC mainly focused on vehicle exports to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

They have multiple locations (divisions), warehouses, and loading locations.

Some of the main services they provide are:

  • Ocean freight
  • Towing
  • Storage
  • Container loading

Innobo started off billing our clients & managing our bookkeeping. Little I knew that as they understood my business more and more, they adjusted and improved everything: documents, reports, emails, and more.

Now my employees have very clear procedures for all of our service types, thanks to Innobo’s great understanding of the software and our business.

Ahmed Hussain

CEO, Overseas Shipping Inc

Services Provided by Innobo:


  • Invoicing:

    • Innobo bills all their customers
    • Sets up rates and automates charge creation
    • Reconcile accounts receivables
    • Automate monthly storage invoicing




  • Bookkeeping

    • Bank reconciliation
    • Financial statements




  • Custom Reports

    • Release report: imagine you could have a report about all of your shipments, where you can see exactly which ones are released (paid to the carrier) and which ones are not.
    • Even better, an ETA report where you can also see clients’ statements of account and release status.
    • Inventory reports by shipper and location.
    • Non-invoiced shipments report for customers without automated rates.


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Other improvements made:

  • Cargo Releases with container information.
  • Vehicle receipt label.
  • Displaying full address, phone, and email on shipment documents such as Dock receipts and Bill of lading.

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