Customize Your Logistics Software

To Make It Work For You

Maximize your Software’s Capabilities

Amplify Productivity & Gain Your Leading Edge

Leverage Automation to Gain Profits

Eliminate labor-intensive efforts

Who we are and how we help:

We provide software customizations to logistic companies who want to become tech relevant in today’s landscape. In addition, we help customize your logistics software to suit your needs, so you can leverage automation, amplify productivity, reduce overhead and experience a faster-automated approach.

Our Software Customizations:


Maximize your software’s capabilities


Leverage your system to streamline business processes


Customize the system to suit your needs


Cut laborious manual processes out of your work day


Run your logistics company efficiently


Make your software work for you


Ensure your employees use the system the way you want them to


Integrate all departments into one software


Use your software correctly

Smart Customizations

Design better documents, reports, views, columns, and lists to become more efficient. Leverage automation and eliminate labor-intensive efforts

Real-life customers claim our customization services help


Amplify productivity


Enforce the correct use of the software by adding quality control checks


Eliminate laborious efforts


Leverage data to create reports the system doesn’t offer.


Provide a faster-automated approach


Help you gain a competitive edge in this new digital age


Customize your clients’ experience, helping customer retention


Define critical fields and procedures that need to be implemented.


Fulfill customer’s demands for information in documents and reports


Keep the business tech-savvy and relevant


Reduces costly overhead

A real-life case study shows, how to leverage automation: Decrease manual entry by 45% using INNOBO’s customization services.

Meet Sheldon at Integrity Logistics:

The reason Sheldon reached out to INNOBO for customization support in his words:

When we came to INNOBO:

Longer hours were spent entering customer information manually.

We thought we had to hire more people to run our department.

Our software was initially limited, and we often had to say to customers, “I’m sorry, we don’t have that ability.”

We weren’t as competitive as others who had capabilities that we didn’t yet.

Making Life Better in Sheldon’s words:

Since using INNOBO:

We have been much more efficient.

Our data entry and accuracy have increased.

The programming support decreased our manual time by at least 45% to process the information.

When INNOBO provided full automation, we created the opportunity to have one person do the work of three, and now we can grow accordingly.

Real Life Experience Testimonial

In the freight forwarding world, a lot of companies don’t customize or integrate technology. They get bogged down by day-to-day logistics and fail to take the time to get ahead of the competition. Innobo has allowed us to gain that advantage. Andres and his team have given us that edge to stay ahead of the curve!

– Sheldon Serao –

Rule Logistics | Powering growth while balancing costs

I recently started using their outsourcing services for back office staff, and it’s been a game changer for my business. The staff, although hired and paid for by them, report directly to me and help run my operations. This has allowed me to continue growing while keeping costs in check. Their staffing solutions have truly been invaluable.

Lance Rule
Managing Director, Rule Logistics

CXP-USA Corp case study

CXP-USA Corp | Courier Manifest (Excel macro)

Before Innobo stepped in I used to spend about 5 hours a week, 1 hour every day just preparing and cleaning this courier manifest file. Now I just take 2 minutes a day just to review and make sure everything’s right… and it is!

We processed an average of 150 Warehouse Receipts a week through this file, but this report makes it easy because it is fast, easy to handle, organized, and efficient.

Overseas Shipping Inc logo

Overseas Shipping Inc | Bookkeeping & Reports

Innobo started off billing our clients & managing our bookkeeping. Little I knew that as they understood my business more and more, they adjusted and improved everything: documents, reports, emails, and more.

Now my employees have very clear procedures for all of our service types, thanks to Innobo’s great understanding of the software and our business.

Rule Logistics | Continuous improvement

Continually improving our a/r and a/p processes and easy communication with the entire team!

Removing accounting items off my plate allowing me to spend time working ‘on my business’ vs ‘in my business’.

Lance Rule
Managing Director, Rule Logistics


Rocargo Services | 3rd party charges reconciliation

Innobo assisted us with reconciling 3rd party charges which we pay on behalf of our customers.

At first, we could only check and reconcile manually shipment by shipment. Now it’s automated with a simple report and saves us a lot of time. 👍🏼

ICTC shipping logo


We dedicated 10-12hrs a week generating “collect” statement of accounts relative to specific customers. Innobo was able to automate this process generating accurate reporting, which reduced resources and significantly improving our AR cycle.

Schedule a Software Customization Audit for your logistics company

Our no-obligation complimentary software customization audit starts off with a 15-minute call where we learn about each other. The purpose of this call is to uncover specific challenges and to discuss ways to make your software work better for you so that it performs more efficiently. Some of the things we can cover include:

Efficient ways to Increase revenue directly

Solutions for getting reports and information faster

Solutions for leveraging automation to maximize efficiency

Maximizing your software capabilities to reduce labor

Leveraging data to create reports the system doesn’t offer

Defining critical fields and procedures you may need to implement

From here, we can collaboratively determine if there’s a good fit between the solutions we provide and the areas where you need support. (If there is, we can then schedule some time to continue the conversation.)

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