Some figures to consider:

If this task was made by someone who earns $40K/year…

…We helped them save $12K/year just by creating this report!

We dedicated 10-12hrs a week generating “collect” statement of accounts relative to specific customers. Innobo was able to automate this process generating accurate reporting, which reduced resources and significantly improving our AR cycle.

Sheldon Serrao


Issue Solved:

Some of the shipments are invoiced as ‘collect’ to the destination agents, sharing the profit for some of the charges.

The client spent a big number of hours a week putting a report with all the prepaid and collect incomes and costs, the profit, and the amount balance.

A report was created allowing them to see all the charges per master after liquidation, so what took hours before, now takes seconds.

These were some of the challenges:

  • Multiple collect and prepaid charges.
  • Big consolidations with several houses.
  • Transactions being added after the liquidation was made.
  • Several columns.
  • Incomes and costs at the master and house level.

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Other improvements made:

  • Warehouse cost center setup.
  • Periodic invoice engaged.
  • 3rd party billing enabled and reported properly.
  • Approval custom fields for bills and invoices.
  • Rate and tariff automation.
  • Documentation improvement.
  • Custom reports alerting when a bill has the wrong charges.

Everything we do as an accounting consulting firm is seeking efficiency for your business.

Every single area in your company has a direct impact on your books and that’s why we help you align them all.

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