In this blog, we will explore an exciting project in the world of Magaya that focused on simplifying and automating storage billing for a client.

The Mission

Our goal was to make storage billing simpler and more accurate. To achieve this, we opted for a solution based on customization.

Key Customization

We added custom columns that allowed for easy and flexible storage billing forecasts. These columns include details such as time in storage, free days granted to customers, and the total storage amount. Furthermore, we allowed for customization of free days and rates based on each client’s needs.

Flexibility and Results

Flexibility was crucial. Clients can add standard columns and group items by categories. This provided a personalized and efficient experience.

    Significant Impact

    The result: greater accuracy in billing and a more efficient operation. This solution not only improved the technical aspect but also adapted to the specific needs of the client.

    This project demonstrates how innovation and customization can transform a platform like Magaya, improving user efficiency. We are excited to continue innovating and addressing challenges for our clients.

    Thank you for joining us in this optimization story.

    Until next time!

      storage forecast in Magaya

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